NTN Service s.r.l. is a great instrument for entrepreneurships to improve and reach better goals in the national and international trade.
Through a careful economical analysis, we support the entrepreneurships' improvement, realizing strategies aimed to enhance business strategies; we analyze projects and, after an evaluation about its convenience and economical and environmental compatibility too, we ensure the corporations a great form of advertisement and relationships even with foreigner investors. You shouldn't foirget that inter-firm cooperation represents the basic factor for the entrepreneurships competitiveness and their own growth.
NTN Service promotes inter-firm cooperation agreements, even between corporations operating in different trade branches, suggesting the establishment of ATI, newcos (both national and international) and promoting inter-firm aggregations between corporations from different countries.
Moreover we suggest to our firms new labours and investment opportunities even in foreign countries, favoring continuative aid and logistical support.
Our experts offer a complete, qualified assistance to our private customers and to the entrepreneurships, offering their own experience reached in the legal, fiscal, technical and real estate field.