Real Estate Area
Our experts realize complete and efficient solutions to your issues concerning real estate field, providing aid in

Mediating in buying and selling properties and firms
Mediating in renting properties and firms
Managing properties
Assistance in auctions, properties assessment, rent determination, measurements, cadastral certificates, condominium and super-condominium governance.

A whole part of real estate area is finalized to the commercial analysis of projects concerning investment in order to build new edifices, roads, infrastructures, plants and to reorganize old buildings. Through the geographical area analysis, our real estate experts, will check the reliability about the political and economical situation of the country where you are going to invest, and they will check the most important physical characteristics, all the services and the amount of requests of the product you are realizing nearby. Moreover, thanks to the cooperation with our legal experts, they will check all the legal and tax expects that may affect your investment.

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